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White Opal | Mystic | Traditional Mala Necklace

White Opal | Mystic | Traditional Mala Necklace

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WHITE OPAL: It's usually formed in fissures in volcanic rock and includes silicon dioxide of amorphous form that rarely combines grape like crystals. With its opalescent quality it composes by microscopically small water drops under the surface of the stone, and therefore it's considered a precious gemstone and not a crystal. Opal comes from different regions such as South Australia, Mexico, and Brazil and has many properties to its name. In mythology the gods saw it as the embodiment of beauty of all precious stones, and in India Opal was considered a lucky stone. Opals were said to promote harmony, psychic visions, inspiration, protection, good luck, serenity, balance, emotional stability, and enhances your consciousness. It rules the crown chakra and associates with the water element as well as being linked to Pisces, Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio sign placements. In meditation Opal is one of the most powerful stones for the soul when used with your favorite mantra, prayer, or affirmation.

All Mala necklaces have been blessed with powerful mantras and ready for use.


108 Beads, Guru Bead, 18Kt Gold Filled Accents
8mm Round Gemstones, High Grade AAA
Genuine Natural White Opal Gemstones
Silk Thread


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