Where to Buy Authentic Mala Beads ?

Opal7 is a USA brand with authentic designs for mind, body, and spirit. Our gemstones are genuine natural and ethically sourced with high grade quality. Each piece is mindfully handcrafted and blessed to bring peace into your life. Mala jewelry is a great way to use in your meditative practices for improved retention, such as breath count, mantras, affirmations, and prayers. It is an effective strategy to connect with spirit and align your mind and body for optimal wellness. Below is a detailed description of how to do breath work in your practice. Let's meditate to elevate!



How to Start a Meditation Practice?


The practice of breath regulation a technique that harmonizes the mind and body by controlling your breath in different styles and lengths. "Prana" is our vital life force and it has many health benefits when practiced regularly. if you observe your breathing habits you'll notice the diaphragm is restricted, the breath is shallow and confined to the chest. It's usually caused by tension, stress, and anxiety. These patterns disrupt the rhythm of the lungs and nervous system that can sometimes lead to adverse effects.

 The Technique: 

A smooth, even, slow, and steady diaphragmatic breath with unbroken flow of inhalation and exhalation should be mastered. Babies are a prime example of this technique. Practicing pranayama will allow you to relax fully and gain mental clarity. Another way is to use Mala jewelry for improved retention. 

Bring awareness to the body and begin to feel the effects of each breath as you inhale and exhale, with consistency you will begin to see improvements in all areas of your life when you are in alignment with the breath (prana).