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Sodalite | Clarity | Tibetan Style Mala Pendant Necklace

Sodalite | Clarity | Tibetan Style Mala Pendant Necklace

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SODALITE: A stone known for singers, artists, and painters to strengthen or develop their skills. It symbolizes self-confidence and loyalty. Sodalite is believed to promote inspiration, harmony, clarity, and creativity while providing protection. Also encourages discipline and clears one's vision. If you're prone to anxiety, stress, or anger it is an ideal stone to maintain a calm and stable energy. It rules the third eye and crown chakras and is associated with air and water elements. Enhance intuition and bring balance into your life when meditating with your favorite mantra, prayer, or affirmation.

All Mala necklaces are blessed with powerful mantra’s and ready for use.

Sodalite | Clarity | Tibetan Style Mala Pendant Necklace an ideal gift for a loved one, birthday gift, graduation gift, gift for him, gift for her, yoga gift, holiday gift, and many more of your choice.


108 Beads, 3 Jade Markers, Hexagon Pointed Pendant
8mm Round Gemstones, High Grade AAA
Genuine Natural Sodalite Gemstones
Silk Thread


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