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Larvikite | Stability | Zen Style Mala Charm Necklace

Larvikite | Stability | Zen Style Mala Charm Necklace

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LARVIKITE: Also known as "Black Labradorite" found in Norway and a member of the feldspar family is a stone for grounding and cleansing the subtle bodies. Its shimmering and sparkling flash of blue and silver is commonly confused with its cousin Labradorite. This gem may be relatively new to the market but has already become quite popular to its wide commercial use sold as "Blue Pearl Granite", indeed a stone with many names but its true name originates from Larvik Fjord region in Norway. Larvikite is known to dispel negative energies and stimulate inner visions, creativity, and intellect while providing protection to the wearer. It rules the root chakra and associates with water element. To receive the effects of this gem meditate with your favorite mantra, prayer, or affirmation.

All Mala necklaces are blessed with powerful mantra’s and ready for use.

Larvikite | Zen Style Mala Charm Necklace or Bracelet an ideal gift for a loved one, birthday gift, graduation gift, yoga gift, holiday gift, gift for her, gift for him and many more of your choice.


108 Beads, 4 Markers, Lotus Yoga Charm
6mm Round Gemstones High Grade A
Genuine Natural Larvikite Gemstones
Silk Thread


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