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Lapis Lazuli X Pyrite | Wisdom | Mala Necklace

Lapis Lazuli X Pyrite | Wisdom | Mala Necklace

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LAPIS LAZULI: A royal stone known for ancient rulers and has been used to decorate the statues of divinities as well as royal tombs. It's also powerful for activating and enhancing intellectual ability. It aids to promote wisdom, truth, strength, spirituality, protection, and understanding. Associates with the throat "Vishuddha" and third eye "Ajna" chakras along with the water element. Lapis Lazuli helps the wearer express their inner truth through self-awareness in a constructive way. To get the best benefits of this gem meditate with your favorite mantra, prayer, or affirmation.

BLACK PYRITE: Also known as "fools gold" an earth element with fire energy that can create sparks by striking it against metal or other stones. It rules the sacral "Svadhisthana" and solar plexus "Manipura" chakras. It's often used for abundance, confidence, healing, resolutions, removes mental blockages, and instills willpower to the wearer. Since Lapis Lazuli already has traces of pyrite it's a great combination of the two to discover the path to enlightenment with our hand knotted Lapis Lazuli X Pyrite | Mala Necklace with your favorite mantra, prayer, or affirmation.

All Mala necklaces are blessed with powerful mantra’s and ready for use.

An ideal gift for a loved one, birthday gift, yoga gift, graduation gift, gift for her, gift for him, holiday gift and many more of your choice.


108 Beads, 2 Markers, Guru Bead, Tassel,
Stainless Steel Charm Accent
8mm Round Gemstones High Grade AAA
Genuine Natural Lapis Lazuli & Pyrite Gemstones
Silk Thread


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