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Golden Blue Tiger's Eye | Abundance | Traditional Mala Necklace

Golden Blue Tiger's Eye | Abundance | Traditional Mala Necklace

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GOLDEN BLUE TIGER'S EYE: A stone of courage and vitality. It promotes clear vision and protection while keeping you grounded upon harnessing earth, fire, and air elements. Also enhances creativity, success, and action as it aids you to be more calm and centered while fulfilling your purpose. This stone stimulates the solar plexus " Manipura", throat "Vishuddha" and third eye "Ajna" chakras. It has a powerful effect when meditating with this gem that provides bliss and fortune when used with your favored mantra, prayer, or affirmation.

Explore your creative nature and bring vitality and success with our hand knotted Golden Blue Tiger's Eye Traditional Mala Necklace.

All Mala necklaces are blessed with powerful mantra’s and ready for use.

An ideal gift for a loved one, birthday gift, yoga gift, graduation gift, gift for her, gift for him, holiday gift, and many more of your choice.


108 Beads, Traditional
8mm Faceted Gemstones High Grade AAA
Natural Golden Blue Tiger's Eye Gemstones
Nylon Thread


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