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Eagle Eye | Willpower | Mala Pendant Necklace

Eagle Eye | Willpower | Mala Pendant Necklace

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EAGLE EYE: Also known as "Pietersite" a unique and rare combination composed of Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye that is a member of the quartz family and has incredible chatoyance the "cat eye" effect. It is found in different regions such as South Africa, India, Western Australia, and USA. This gem is said to provide multiple properties such as grounding, cleansing, emotional balance, increase intuition, confidence, creativity, protection, wealth, and dispels negative energies. It rules the sacral, solar, and third eye chakras and is associated with earth, fire, and air elements. To activate higher state of awareness meditate with your favorite mantra, prayer, or affirmation.

EAGLE: A magnificent bird known as the king of all birds that are monogamous animals who mate for life. It symbolizes freedom, foresight, loyalty, leadership, strength, willpower, awareness, and justice.

All Mala necklaces have been blessed with powerful mantras and ready for use.


108 Beads, Eagle Brass Charm, Hematite Accents
6mm Round Gemstones, High Grade AAA
Genuine Natural Eagle Eye Gemstones
Silk Thread


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