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Blue Tiger's Eye "Hawk's Eye" | Purity | Double Wrap Mala Bracelet

Blue Tiger's Eye "Hawk's Eye" | Purity | Double Wrap Mala Bracelet

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BLUE TIGER'S EYE "FALCON'S EYE OR HAWK'S EYE": History states at the time when witches were persecuted Falcon/Hawk's Eye was used to determine if they were deemed guilty. This led to belief that if worn as an amulet it protected the individual against evil, witches, and demons. The stones bluish grayish luster known as Blue Tigers Eye is another member of the quartz family and very rare to come across. It's believed to provide focus, protection, leadership, awareness, stability, and enhance your intuition. It rules the third eye chakra and associates with air element and planet Jupiter. A powerful stone to achieve Christ Consciousness when meditating with your favorite mantra, prayer, or affirmation.


54 Beads, Lotus Charm 12 x 12mm & Accents
Genuine Natural Blue Tiger's Eye
6mm Round Gemstones High Grade AAA
Elastic/Stretch Cord
Size: Standard 7.25-7.50 Inches
Model is a size 6(S) & is wearing 7.25-7.50 (M)


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