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Amethyst Chakra Keychain | Bag Charm | Mala Accessories

Amethyst Chakra Keychain | Bag Charm | Mala Accessories

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AMETHYST: A symbol of royalty used throughout the ages. The Greeks wore it to shield against magic, drunkenness, and evil. While buddhists utilized it for meditation purposes. Indeed a popular crystal with many properties to its name. A member of the quartz family containing iron, magnesium, and other trace minerals within its structure have been found in Brazil, Australia, and Mexico. It has many healing benefits if used properly it's said to promote healthy sleep, concentration, calmness, protection, peace, and patience to the wearer. Amethyst transmutes negative energies and enhances intuition. It rules the crown and third eye chakras associating with air and water elements.


There are several ways to use our chakra series keychain:

1. Start with a chakra mantra and recite 7 times or more.
2. Recite mantras for each chakra and continue for 7 times or more.
3. Use any mantra, prayer, or affirmation to recite it 7 times or more.
4. Simply count your breath using each bead 7 times or more.

An ideal gift for a loved one, birthday gift, yoga gift, graduation gift, travelers gift, holiday gift, gift for her, gift for him, and many more of your choice.


Closure: Ornate Swivel Clasp
Hardware: Silver, Antique
7 Beads, Charms, Nylon Thread
Approximately 5.5 inches in length.
8mm Faceted Gemstones, High Grade A+
Genuine Natural Amethyst Gemstones


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