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Amazonite | Visionary | Traditional Mala Necklace

Amazonite | Visionary | Traditional Mala Necklace

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AMAZONITE: In Brazil and Egypt it was considered a "Holy Stone" and is found in different regions such as Brazil, Peru, Russia, and USA. This beautiful Peruvian gemstone is a mineral of the feldspar family that has many properties. It is believed to promote a calming effect that corrects mood swings and provides a restorative sleep. It dispels negative energies, absorbs microwaves and protects against electromagnetic pollution. Amazonite has often been used in occult practices and stimulates powers of clairvoyance and aids in protection. A powerful stone for balancing masculine and feminine energies, creativity, healing, expression, compassion, prosperity, and clears blockages. It rules the Heart and Throat Chakras and associates with water and earth elements, also promotes vitality in Aquarians and Virgo sign placements. To receive the effects of this gem meditate with your favorite mantra, prayer, or affirmation.

All Mala necklaces are blessed with powerful mantra's and ready for use.


108 Beads, Guru Bead, Silk Tassel
8mm Round Gemstones, High Grade AAA
Genuine Natural Amazonite Gemstones
Nylon Thread


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